First EUPLAN conference

Expecting about 200 attendants from research and clinical settings

Concept program
Wednesday, September 19 Arrival and registration
afternoon Special sessions
Thursday, September 20 Invited speakers
all day Oral sessions
Posters and exhibition
Dinner & event
Friday, September 21 Oral session
all day Posters and exhibition
Future meetings

EUPLAN incorporates the European Platelet Group, the Erfurt Platelet Conference on Platelets, and is linked with the UK Platelet Meeting. The 1st EUPLAN conference will contain scientific sessions on basic and clinical aspects of platelet function, including: acquired bleeding disorders, animal models, antithrombotic treatment, cancer, cell signaling & physiology, coagulation, megakaryocyte research, platelet production, proteomics, systems biology and thrombotic disorders. Special sessions will be devoted to specific platelet-related topics of clinical interest.

Local organizing committee:

  • Prof. dr. Johan Heemskerk (Maastricht)
  • Prof. dr. Hugo ten Cate (Maastricht)
  • Dr. Judith Cosemans (Maastricht)

International scientific advisory committee:

  • Prof. dr. Christian Gachet (Strasbourg F)
  • Prof. dr. Hans Deckmyn (Kortrijk B)
  • Dr. Laura Gutierrez (Amsterdam NL)
  • Prof. dr. Tomas Lindahl (Linkoping S)
  • Prof. dr. Peter Presek (Halle D)
  • Prof. dr. Bernhard Nieswandt (Würzburg D)
  • Prof. dr. Mauro Torti (Pavia I)
  • Prof. dr. William Vainchenker (Villejuif Fr)
  • Dr. Ivo Volf (Vienna A)
  • Prof. dr. Steve Watson (Birmingham UK)


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Dr. Roosje Beisser-van Gorp, Dept. of Biochemistry (CARIM), PO Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht NL. Tel. +31-43-3881671 (3881674), Fax. +31-43-3884159, e-mail -> mailto:euplan [snail] maastrichtuniversity [period] nl

The 2nd EUPLAN conference:

will be held in Strasbourg 2014 (organizer Christian Gachet)

The 3rd EUPLAN conference:

will be held in the environs of Frankfurt 2016 (organizer Peter Presek).